Kasper Rynning-Tønnesen
kasper@rynning-toennesen.no +47 97 74 04 27
kasperrt.no 29. august 1993 Oslo, Norway

The Norwegian National musuem

Knowit Experience 2012


Worked on maintenance and further development for the Norwegian National Museum https://www.nasjonalmuseet.no, with tech such as EPiServer, Vue.js, ElasticSearch, auth0 and Azure functions.


Knowit Experience 2019 - 2020


Worked on maintenance and further development for NorsirkPortalen (https://norsirkportalen.no), with tech such as EPiServer, Service Fabric, ReactJS and microservices.

Bademiljø budget-calculator and book a plumber

Knowit Experience 2019 - 2020

Techlead & Developer

Developed a new budgetcalculator and booking of plumber/designer, with vue.js frontend and EPiServer backend.


Knowit Experience 2019 - 2020

Techlead & Developer

Maintenance, bugfixing for Bademiljø (https://bademiljo.no) and developed a new way of handling promotions, through EPiServer, EPiServer Commerce, and EPiServer Promotion-engine.


Knowit Experience 2019 - 2020

Techlead & Developer

Maintenance, bugfixing and further development for PPFinans (https://ppfinans.no) online banking, with technologies as Angular 6 and EPiServer.

Rikstoto Xamairn WebView and Analytics

Knowit Experience 2019


Contributed with build-pipeline and integration of Analytics in WebView in Xamarin.

yA Bank mobilebank

Knowit Experience 2019


Developed a mobilebank application for yA Bank with Xamarin.Forms as a summer-internship at Knowit Experience.

LOS Pilot app

Knowit Experience 2017


Developed a pilot mobile-application for keeping track of power-usage, with Xamarin.Forms.

Wine-lottery statistics

Oslo - Knowit Experience 2020


Developed a statistics and logging-page for Knowits weekly wine-lottery, lottis.vin. Made with vue.js, express, MongoDB, with service-worker offlinecaching and push notifications, and Vipps integration.

Zoff - Cross-platform app

Trondheim 2018


Developed a React-Native cross-platform application for Zoff, for for iOS and Android.


Trondheim 2014 - Now

Developer & Inventor

Developed the shared musicservice Zoff (https://zoff.me). It uses the YouTube and SoundCloud API for fetching and playing music/videos, and has a custom Chromecast-application for integrated casting. Uses NodeJS and MongoDB, with socket.io

Zoff has built in integration for exporting and importing from and to YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify. Custom created embedded player with limited functionality.

Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter AS

Trondheim 2013-2014


Developed website for the architecture firm Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter (http://sh-arkitekter.no).


Aller Media

Oslo 2020 - now


Developer at Aller Media Oslo.

Knowit Experience

Oslo 2019 - 2020

System developer

Worked as system developer at Knowit Experience Oslo.

Knowit Experience

Oslo 2017 and Oslo 2018

Summer internship - system develper

Worked mainly with Xamarin.Forms during the internship, with yABank and LOS Energy


Trondheim 2016 - 2017

Summer internship & Parttime developer

Developed a range of authentication modules with Dataporten for a range of collaborative tools and dockerized these. Examples are: SimpleSAML2 Dataporten, Dataporten WordPress Plugin and OmniAuth Dataporten


Master in Informatikk

NTNU - Trondheim

2016 - 2018

Grade - B

Bachelor in Informatikk

NTNU - Trondheim

2013 - 2016

Grade - C


  • Episerver Master Class - 10.2019


  • ElasticSearch Engineer I - 2019
  • Episerver Commerce Fundamentals - 2019
  • EPiServer CMS Fundamentals - 2019


  • JavaScript, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 (2011)
  • Java (2014), C# (2017)
  • Databases: MySQL (2012), MongoDB (2014), ElasticSearch (2017)
  • node.js (2015)
  • Python (2013)
  • EPiServer (2019)
  • Chromecast - reciever/sender apps (2017)
  • React (2018) - react-native
  • Vue.js (2019)
  • Service-Workers (2019)
  • Other technologies, xamarin forms, cordova


  • Norwegian - Fluent
  • English - Fluent
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